London Agri-Food Innovation Centre

The objective of London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic (LAFIC) is to increase the number of London’s Agri-Food Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) investing in research and development by offering an Innovation Strategy and Product Development Programme that will support them to develop innovative Products, Processes and Services (PPSs).

Am I an Agri-Food business

SMEs offering products or services around agriculture, horticulture, and food
and drink manufacture, processing, distribution, and technology.

Specialised Support

SMEs that need specialised and expert support to overcome know-how barriers to improve existing or develop new products/processes/services will receive Innovation Vouchers to work together with LSBU’s Academics on Applied Research projects. The main aim of Applied Research projects is to find concrete solutions to the specific problems the SME is facing in the development of the new product through the practical application of science theories, knowledge, methods, and techniques.

To Market

The comprehensive offer of sector-specific support as well as

about lafic

The London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic supports and promotes research and innovation in London's food businesses.

Helping you turn lemons into lemonade

Co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, our aim is to ensure each participant has the right tools to maximise their experience and their time on the program.


LAFIC brings with it significant knowledge of the food industry through its access to LSBU academics as well as a vast network of professional consultants and strategic partners. This, when tailored to each participant, is expected to give them the tools to grow their business and reach their potential.


Each participant will receive an initial one to one consultation with LAFIC staff to better understand their business needs.  From this we can develop a customised program which can include, innovation workshops, consultancy, product development & testing, focussed networking and business promotion.


LSBU is home to the National Bakery School and the London Food Centre, as such has a variety of facilities including industry standard facilities, food sensory analysis room, food technology laboratory, 3D printer and high pressure equipment for food processing to name a few. LAFIC participants will have access to these facilities to support applied research, product development and testing.

How it works


After the application process is completed, a member of the project team will get in touch with you to set up an initial consultation.


Together, we will create your bespoke Innovation Strategy - it ensures that you have the appropriate level of support throughout your innovation journey.

Innovation Support

Once we have agreed your Innovation Strategy, you are able to access the full spectrum of support that LAFIC is able to offer. 

Prepare for production and growth

March 5, 2020


If you have a more specific questions then feel free to get in touch

Is my idea safe?

Yes your idea is safe.  We work with many different businesses throughout the London agri-food space and one of the constants is that each discussion is confidential.

What is expected of me?

In exchange for free access to leading facilities and expertise, we expect you to perform and participate as agreed during your induction and detailed in your customised Innovation Strategy document.

How is this free?

LAFIC is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and London South Bank University (LSBU). The aim of the project is to offer support toLondon’s agri-food SMEs in developing innovative products, processes and services.

What happens next?

Once you complete an application a member of our team will be in touch to better understand the needs of your organisation. Together, we will develop your tailored Innovation Strategy so that you efficiently progress through the programme.

Express your Interest

Apply below to get completely free access to all that LAFIC has to offer. The programme is open to:

    • Start-ups and SMEs - less than 250 employees; who are also
    • Agri-food businesses - SMEs offering products or services around
      agriculture, horticulture, and food and drink manufacture, processing, distribution, and technology; with
    • Businesses registered in, looking to register in or operating in Greater London (co-working spaces and virtual offices are fine with us)
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